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Fresh ingredients & Refined recipes

Sutter Buttes Brewing was founded in 2011 in the downtown shopping district of Yuba City, California. In 2014 the brewery and restaurant underwent a complete remodel and expansion. Still founded on high quality ingredients, refined recipes and an unrelenting passion for all things fermentable, Sutter Buttes Brewing was reborn. Nestled an hour below Chico and merely 45 minutes away from the greater Sacramento area, Yuba City is the perfect location for crafting some of the best beers in the region to share our love for beer. Rooted in a town of agriculture and industry, we pride ourselves on releasing beers about our areas heritage and diverse history. Our '55 Floodwater Pale ale (which in fact, does not contain any flood water) pays homage to the infamous flood of 1955 which broke the Yuba City levee and tore through Yuba city. Our signature Watertower IPA is a testament to the founding days of our little city and is a beacon to the remodeled downtown shopping district of Yuba City.

Authentic. Hand-crafted. Beer.

Whether you are passing through Yuba City on a commute, joining us for one our city's festivals, doing a Norcal brewery tour, or just a local looking for a delicious bite to eat, Sutter Buttes Brewing and the Restaurant and Taphouse on Center Street is sure to delight your senses. We love Yuba City for it's diverse history, great community and it's roots in agriculture. Brewing great beer is something we are not just passionate about; we're obsessed with it. When most normal people sleep, we're coming up with new adjectives to describe that "certain" flavor profile, or we're taking local almonds and using them as dry hops, or figuring out ways to break out standard beer styles and invent something new on our smaller pilot system. It's not just the hops and malt we use that make our beers special, but the friends we make in the process and smiles we share in doing what we love. So stop by our taphouse and try something new! Remember to think globally and drink locally!